The Vietnamese with Kenneth Nguyen

118 - From Pharmacist to Children’s Book Author - Alice Trinh - Author of Tet Together

January 14, 2022

Alice Duong Trinh is a second-generation Vietnamese American living in California. Her parents immigrated to the United States after the Vietnam war and she is the oldest of three daughters.

She is a pharmacist, a wife, a mom, and an inspired traveler and storyteller during her free time. It was an important challenge to her parents that their family assimilated to American life, while still preserving their Vietnamese heritage.

It is the same wish she has for her daughter, and she wants children to celebrate their cultural roots and uniqueness with the help of her stories.

Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is a time of celebration and it involves much preparation. This festive story is a great introduction to the most important Vietnamese cultural holiday. Young readers will learn the significance of each tradition during this special time.

As families prepare to celebrate Tết, it is also a time of reflection and togetherness. Families come together to help sweep out the old year, hang dazzling decorations, and prepare lavish meals to share. Discover how the anticipation of Tết and the days of festivities that follow, all culminate in the celebration of families and the Vietnamese cultural heritage.

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