The Vietnamese with Kenneth Nguyen

Ep. #113 English - Vina Vo - Unofficial BTS army recruiter super fan- Why is BTS so important to understand?

December 18, 2021

Vina Vo (she/her) is the co-founder of the Novalia Collective, an organization dedicated to storytelling, community building, and belonging. She works with teams, organizations, and communities to transform their communities and work environments into inclusive and equitable spaces.

As the daughter and granddaughter of Vietnamese refugees she has always been inspired to communicate and navigate across differences. She is currently on the board of PIVOT (The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization) and DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese Artist Network).
In her free time, Vina can be found trying to publish her first fiction novel, blending herbal teas, hiking, cooking, evangelizing about Hmart and Costco, and delivering two-hour presentations on BTS.

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