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Ep. #114 English - Uyen Nguyen and Thanh Tan - Viets for Afghans

December 22, 2021
Our primary focus areas right now: 
- Advocacy and allyship with the Afghan community - we want to center on and amplify Afghan voices, share our shared lived history when needed to advocate for change
- Humanitarian parole - assisting 75 Afghans left behind seek HP and refuge in the U.S. 
- Sponsor Circle - forming circles of 5 private sponsors to help Afghan refugee families currently stuck on military bases. 
Call to action: 
- Donate to our cause so we can help more families and scale our efforts
- Become a sponsor through the Sponsor Circles Program - (People can join us in the Seattle area or form their own circle and come to us for guidance and best practices based on our early learnings.) 
Uyen Nguyen is a refugee that came to the United States at 11 years old as an unaccompanied minor. She is currently an entrepreneur, but spent a big part of her career as a scientist and an asset manager. She currently owns Nue, a restaurant located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle that specializes in global street food. 

Uyen is also a social entrepreneur. She co-founded Emerge Washington, PIVOT - the progressive Vietnamese American Organization, Nue Planet, and Viets for Afghans.  She has been advocating for refugees and immigrants for years. 

Thanh Tan is an Emmy Award-winning multimedia storyteller based in Seattle. She is creator/host of Second Wave, a groundbreaking podcast from PRX and KUOW tracing the experiences of Vietnamese refugees after the war ended in 1975. Her reporting and writing has been featured across all platforms, including This American Life, The Seattle Times and The New York Times.
For the first 12 years of her career, she served as a journalist and on-air reporter for the CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, the ABC station in Portland, Oregon, The Texas Tribune in Austin, Texas, and The Seattle Times editorial board in Seattle, Washington. She has received two national Sigma Delta Chi awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and produced two regional Emmy-winning documentaries for Idaho Public Television (PBS), including a half-hour show on Idaho’s local food movement.
As a storyteller for Microsoft Public Affairs and Microsoft President Brad Smith from 2016 through 2020, she traveled to six continents - producing, reporting and explaining the broad impact of technology on global societies through more than 50 original video stories. In 2020, she co-founded Viet Fact Check, a bilingual website that provides fact-checked articles in Vietnamese and English.
This past August, she helped to start Viets for Afghans, a volunteer coalition that's mobilizing Vietnamese Americans to help Afghan refugees. She is now balancing dual careers as a senior writer/storyteller for Starbucks Stories and independent filmmaker.  

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