The Vietnamese with Kenneth Nguyen

Ep.#86 English - TAMAE - Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Producer

August 23, 2021

Tamae is a Vietnamese American singer, songwriter, vocal producer, and DJ. She discovered her love for music early on and has recently signed with Empire + Roseville Music Group to leverage her genre-blending, versatile songwriting style and has made samples for various well-known producers, such as, Grammy-winning producer Illmind, Prezident Jeff, Francis Got Heat, and Boi1da.

Although Tamae didn't see many Vietnamese Americans reflected in the music industry while growing up, she decided to pursue music anyways. She now uses this experience to inspire other female Asian Americans to follow their dreams and to help accelerate gender and race representation in music and entertainment.

"It is a goal of mine to educate and lead a more respectful and inclusive era through music." Tamae will soon be traveling back-and-forth between Detroit & L.A. and releasing a sample kit. To follow her journey, you can find her on Instagram, @tamaemusic.

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